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About Me...

Hi Everyone!  My name is Kris McIntosh.  I am the owner, designer, and sole creator of both KM Designs Pattern Co and KM Designs by Krisy Kreations (custom handmade accessories) - based in Vero Beach, Florida.

I work from a home studio.  In the last 6 years it has evolved from one collapsible craft table to a room with dedicated work areas.  I mainly made custom quilts, until one day my mother asked "Could you make me a purse?" and my vision shifted from quilts to handbags and wallets.  

When I was young, I would watch my mother and grandmother sew.  My grandfather was a woodworker and my father was always working on some project or another.  So, creativity is in my blood.  Other than Home Economics in high school, I have no conventional training.  I have learned everything by trial and error.  It's not been quick or easy but it has been the most amazing learning experience ever!

Now, I devote all my free time to designing, creating and writing patterns for unique wallets and handbags made mostly from Cork.  When I create a design, I strive to make them functional, fashionable and easy for everyone to create.  

And if you ever need any help, just ask...

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